Misuse in the processing of personal data

Polish Radio interested in problems raised by PDP Group of the most common misuses of personal data

All of us fill in forms, post comments on the Internet, take part in different competitions, and later …. we receive phone calls, emails, text messages which contain special offers, great promotions and bargains. Coincidence? Of course not

Too wide a scope of processing data compared to consent clause
Filling in Internet web forms very often involves agreeing, by just clicking a mouse once, to personal data processing. As a way of legitimising the processing of personal data which  obtained via a web form this is correct, but when it comes to realising the data it is bad. Why? Because very often the consumer accepts a clause which …. is badly phrased and disadvantageous for him/her

One consent – many consequences
The fundamental mistake is mixing many processing purposes in one consent clause. This means that when you click one checkbox you agree to processing your data for the offer which you are interested in and at the same time for the other aims of a firm which is collecting the data, for example marketing or selling the data.

Such actions mean that the person who gave the data was not free in the making available of their personal data, in particular they were not free to choose the purposes for which the data would be processed, because if one wants to take advantage of an offer must simultaneously also agree to the use of the data for other purposes

From the point of view of personal data protection law the approach is incorrect and beyond doubt in the event of any audit or check it would be questioned by the supervisory authority.

The purpose of obtain the data is different than real scope of processing
It happens often that the data obtained in one purpose are processed in others purpose too ......  


Full text you can read on Polskieradio.pl


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