Data certificate

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Data certificate

Data Certificate confirms that data is processed fairly and lawfully in selected data set/database.


Recently, selling and buying databases has become extremely popular. At the same time, awareness on the database regulations remained on a surprisingly low level. Moreover, since January 2012, all individuals who are running a business are protected by the regulation on personal data protection. What does it mean? Databases which were legally bought in the past,, may not be useful anymore, due to the new regulations.


Being aware of threats and their consequences for the processing of wrongly acquired and used data, Data Certificate has been created.


For contractors or database administrators, Data Certificate is a clear sign of data legality and compliance with regulations on data usage.



Data Certificate can be received only a data set which was processed in secure conditions and in compliance with current regulations on personal data protection.


It is a perfect solution for the companies which need confirmation that the data from a selected database were processed legally and in compliance with current regulations.


Path to certification

1) Audit – investigation of the personal data processing system.
2) Report – report on the scope of the audit, errors in the personal data processing system and suggested improvements. 
3) Implementation– implementation of the suggested improvements. 
4) Issuance of the Certificate – analysis of the current personal data processing system which ends with issuing the Data Certificates
5) Recertification - one year since the issuance of the Certificate, reinvestigation of the personal data processing system.


What can you gain from Data Certificate?

1) Confirmed legality of selected data set and processed data. 
2) It is a clear sign for contractors or database administrators that data can be used legally.
3) High quality of personal data protection system confirmed by an independent group of experts. 
4) Risk mitigation in illegal data processing activities.
5) Certified database becomes more valuable and attractive for potential customers.


Sample certificate

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